WOMEN 2030

Stepping towards creating equitable norms, and kindling hope about a more sustainable future to come.

A significant amount of evidence about the future has been uncovered in recent years – it is expected that women will be better off in terms of their identity, position, and status in society by the year 2030. This invoked within the population both hope for the future and despair about the present.

In partnership with Sipping Thoughts, VONG debunked that claim by encouraging the VONGsters to peek at the evolution, growth, and dynamism of women concerning their relationships, career & leadership, motherhood, and womanhood itself. This gave them a comprehensive understanding of the drivers and factors that would be required for such a shift.

However, the beacon of hope was reignited when the VONGsters joined hands to discuss adopting progressive attitudes and discarding regressive ones. With the ‘Woman of 2030 with VONG’ program, the world moves one step closer towards establishing sustainability as a norm.