Message from the board 

We are at the brink of mass extinction. It is ‘code red for humanity’, says the UN’s pinnacle body on climate research. And the most intelligent species to ever walk on this planet seem so nonchalant about it. How could that be?

Clearly, this nonchalance is borne out of the need for most of us to hold onto our lifestyles.
It is indisputable that we are heading towards this climate chaos because of human activities that have failed to respect the natural boundaries. Our planet is in peril, and it is up to us to address this crisis head-on.

The new generation holds the key to addressing the climate crisis and steering us towards a sustainable future. Empowering young people with education, resources, and platforms for activism is crucial in harnessing their potential to drive a systemic change. They are not only willing to do whatever it takes, but they also demand that society, and the authorities wake up and do the same.

The VONG movement is about giving power to the Voice of the New Generation, to develop a deeper understanding of the consequences and causes of the pursuit of mindless economic development. And to restore an alternate model of living with a better way of governing, so that the planet is not just saved but remains safe.

The wake-up call has sounded, and it’s time to answer it with resolute action and unwavering determination.