Have we saved a world worth living?

Yes. No. Maybe. Humanity’s pursuit of advancement in all paths of life – whether industrial development, urbanization, or other sectors – to make life comfortable, without thinking of the resources being consumed, has pushed us to a point where we have crossed the safe limits of various environmental indicators. We have been ignoring the alarms of exploding population, declining biodiversity, and worsening air & water quality. While focusing on economic development, we neglected the equally important domains of environment and society. This sheer negligence has now left us in a spot where only immediate action can help save us all. It is not just a question of our existence but those of several generations to come.

Have we saved a

world worth living?

Yes. No. Maybe.

Humanity’s pursuit of advancement in all paths of life – whether industrial development, urbanisation, or other sectors – to make life comfortable, without thinking of the resources being consumed, has pushed us to a point where we have crossed the safe limits of various environmental indicators. We have been ignoring the alarms of exploding population, declining biodiversity, and worsening air & water quality. While focusing on economic development, we neglected the equally important domains of environment and society. This sheer  negligence has now left us in a spot where only immediate action can help save us all. It is not just a question of our existence but those of several generations to come.

time to act

Time to act

Now it’s time to take action. Action that is based on the principles of Sustainable Development (“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 

(UN Brundtland Commission)) 

Who is going to clear the mess that we have created on our home planet?

You, me, and all of us! It’s time that we become the knights for a future where we can breathe clean air, drink non-polluted water, and be mindful of our fellow living creatures. To develop this sense of responsibility, and engrave it in the minds of the new generation, we at VONG provide the youth with a platform – a platform to develop a deeper understanding of global social issues.  

Our Approach

At VONG, the new generation has the opportunity to gain a holistic idea of every aspect currently affecting society. They build alliances and synergise with like-minded people to fulfil our mission of ‘Making Sustainability A Norm’. The UN presented the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to achieve prosperity across the three major domains of society, environment, and economy. Realising that every individual is passionate about a particular SDG, Vongster Communities focus on areas such as DEI, Climate Crisis, Endangered Animals, and more. Here, the Vongsters engage in panel discussions, open mics, debates, expert talks, and much more, all aimed at bringing out the change-maker within them.

Our Approach

At VONG, the new generation has the opportunity to gain a holistic idea of every aspect currently affecting society. They build alliances and synergise with like-minded people to fulfil our mission of Making Sustainability A Norm’. 

The UN presented the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to achieve prosperity across the three major domains of society, environment, and economy. Realising that every individual is passionate about a particular SDG, Vongster Communities focus on areas such as DEI, Climate Crisis, Endangered Animals, and more. Here, the Vongsters 

engage in panel discussions, open mics, debates, expert 

talks, and much more, all aimed at bringing out the 

change-maker within them.  

Board of Trustees

Nitin Dhawan
SDG Champion

An entrepreneur & leader by nature, a management professional & techie by education, and a human developer by preference, Nitin Dhawan believes that the best hope to save planet Earth lies with the new generation. Nitin has dedicated his unique opinions and expertise to realising the vision of a world where sustainability is not a goal, but a norm.

SDG Champion

Sangeetha is an Economist, holds a CFA Charter, and is a certified Financial, Investment & Insurance Advisor. For over a decade, she has been a Finance and Economics Educator at various educational institutions across India, while also teaching online. Sangeetha thrives in helping people build lasting wealth (‘Anapagaamini Lakshmi’) and in facilitating learning.

Fabian Panthaki
SDG Champion

Following a career of film reviewing, quiz hosting, community youth organising, and business news reporting, Fabian now works on developing Sustainable Systems. He specialises in Community Waste Management practices and creating linkages between Sustainability-focused organizations, with a special focus on class & gender inequality. He is also a Brand Ambassador for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. 

Voice of the New Generation

Let’s transform the World together by taking small steps toward a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Be a part of the VONG movement, and become the change-makers of tomorrow!

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