Who's a VONGster?

VONG celebrates the passion and individuality of youth and believe that they can inspire a change.

VONG encourages them and provides them a platform to enhance their understanding of critical themes including climate change, clean and affordable renewable energy, ethics, equality- equity, clean water, zero hunger, etc.

VONGsters are the youth, usually in the age rage of 13 to 18 years, to start with in India and soon joined by a global community. They are the voice of the new generation who are standing up to secure their right to good health, quality education, and a clean planet. They are the ones who inspire and influence the authorities and become social auditors of the policies and programs already implemented.

VONGsters are the catalysts that set in motion a movement for societal transformation towards sustainable living, not only saving the planet but also keeping it safe.

We can make a difference - let’s start now!

Start your journey with VONG

The rapid industrial and technological development is depleting Earth’s natural resources, and the catastrophic consequences of environmental degradation are clearly visible to all. 
However, development and environment need to be seen as complementary and not in antagonistic terms. The world needs its citizens to have the necessary knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills to build resilient and prosperous communities. 

Educating society about Sustainable Development is the need of the hour. We invite you to be a part of this Movement and bring about real changes that world needs now.

Enabling Vongsters

VONG gives the new generation a common platform to express ideas, find like-minded people, and develop synergies. Our Vongsters learn about improving communication skills, enhancing teamwork, building partnerships, and thinking critically. VONG encourages them to enhance their understanding of critical themes including climate change, clean and affordable renewable energy, ethics, equality- equity, clean water, zero hunger, etc. 

We develop platforms that help Vongsters engage with communities and domain experts through summits, panel discussions, debates, and focused research – individually and in teams. We use gamification methods to enhance the experience of these platforms. We  also utilise social media  to help nurture their voice for change. 

Steps to Climb...

Become a Vongster

Take your first step on the ladder of Change that you want to see in society. Be an active participant to create a world where your voice matters. If you wish for a place where development is possible without destroying our ecosystems; if you care about the issues of inequality and want to be a part of the solution, then becoming a Vongster can be your way forward.

Join the community

Get your ideas heard/Give your ideas a platform; from sustainability to diversity and everything in between.These communities envisage the relevant global and local issues that surround us, in this day and age and work actively towards them. Joining these communities will not just make you aware of these issues, rather will make you the harbinger of a better world.

Participate in activities

Get a chance to put your innovative thoughts into action, not just words.To make this happen, we organise exciting activities for our Vongsters, which brings out the creative side of their young minds, to solve the challenging problems of the society. With these activities, we nurture their potential ideas to fruition.


VONG focuses on empowering the new generation to make informed opinions and engage in discussions with confidence and rigour. We equip Vongsters with the necessary knowledge to inspire and drive changes in society. 

We hope to promote higher-quality discourse on the issue of Sustainable Development that moves public opinion, influences reforms and policies, brings attention to the implementation of programmes, and galvanises society into serious action and cultural change.

At Omysha Foundation, we are passionate about making our vision a reality. The VONG Movement is a movement of dreamers and changemakers, moving forward on the path of Sustainability, and inspiring others to walk along, paving the way for a better future. Accordingly, we expect our Vongsters to embody this dream. 

We expect you to join us only if you’re passionate about our cause and if you are itching to demand this change. We expect you to participate with gusto, to be enthusiastic and excited to embark on this journey with us, and to inspire us (and the world) to do the same. We will provide the platform to explore your passion and fight for Sustainability. And we expect you to make the most of this platform and to never let the opportunity to bring a change about, go by. 



Join our Events

To engage with our Vongsters in making this world an inclusive and sustainable place, we organise various activities – open mic sessions, meetings with experts, games, debates and such. Through these activities, we listen to their young ideas and encourage them to act. Each event is filled with fun, information, knowledge and wisdom. To know more about this, you can visit our Events section

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