VONG's stance on


Respecting all species on Earth, and creating an attitude of synergistic living with nature.

The fate of global wildlife, especially elephants and rhinos, is deteriorating by the day, with the victims having few representatives to act as advocates. Essentially, the purpose of wildlife conservation is to protect the species by ensuring their survival and to educate people about how they can live in harmony with other species sustainably.

To this end, the VONG Movement partnered with the ‘Global March For Elephants and Rhinos’ (GIMFER) NGO, to lend their voices to these endangered animals. Researching factual and legal information about the factors hindering the continued existence of wildlife caused the VONGsters a keen sense of loss and anger, made potent by the blatant inaction of the individuals and institutions in power. Consequently, participants of the VONG Movement took matters into their own hands by drafting and presenting policy recommendations to global delegates from Panama regarding the policing of illegal trade for animal parts.

The VONGsters also acted independently to show their support for the cause by creating hashtags like #LookBeyondTheStripes, #ProtectRhino, #TogetherforAsianElephants, and #RescueTheRhino.

Informative and strongly-worded blog articles were written about the huge negative impact that countries would suffer from the wildlife trade sector. Our VONGsters make the world proud with their unwavering resolve to save these animals by bringing mankind out of the cage of greed and towards more sustainable pastures.