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If you’re passionate about creating a sustainable future, and you refuse to be taken lightly by the world, you are at the right place! Register with us and we’ll create platforms where you can thrive, where your ideas will be appreciated, and where you will get the chance to demand sustainability from the world, which is a right every VONGster deserves.

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The UN has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to create a world that is more equitable. While they are all important, all of us find that of them, there are particular goals that are our calling. At Vong, you can explore these goals, follow your passion, and find your strength. Here, you can choose which goal you want to undertake, and you can set about achieving it. To create the future we dream of, we must take a step towards these goals. And to achieve all 17, we must first achieve one. So take this chance to engage with the goal that you are passionate about, and together we’ll create a world that’s passionate about your goal!

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