02 April 2022
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In April 2022, VONG opened a window to the world where gender disparities dared to be challenged, and societal expectations dared to be questioned. The Woman 2030 event, hosted by VONG in collaboration with Sipping Thoughts, ventured into the future of Indian women.


Woman 2030 delved into diverse aspects of Indian women's lives, aiming to reshape gender norms and emphasise progress. Conversations ranged from careers to motherhood, stressing the importance of breaking barriers and challenging norms. The event inspired cross-generational dialogue and awareness.

Importance :

The topic of redefining gender norms and empowering women holds immense significance in the context of a changing global landscape. For centuries, Indian society has been deeply rooted in traditional gender roles and norms, often limiting women's opportunities and potential. By addressing these issues and emphasising progress, ‘Woman 2030’ played a pivotal role in fostering societal transformation.


  1. Dialogue with Generation Alpha: The event fostered conversations with Generation Alpha, offering a unique glimpse into the future of Indian women and their evolving roles.
  2. Four Thematic Areas: The event revolved around four key themes: the future of relationships, women in careers & leadership roles, motherhood, and a broad overview of womanhood in 2030. Each theme probed into the challenges and positions women are likely to face in the future.
  3. Identification and Relationships: Women’s identification through marital or paternal connections was emphasised, highlighting the societal expectation for them to disclose their marital status or father’s name—a distinction not imposed on men.
  4. Contrasting Realities: Despite the progressive visions discussed, statistical data and research showcased that challenges persist, indicating that concerted efforts are needed to realise the desired outcomes.


Ms. Priya Hingorani, a key judge for the event noted, “Dialogue transforms norms, and Generation Alpha holds the key.” Attendee Niharika Sharma, a VONGster said, “The empowering discussions sparked our vision for an inclusive change.

The event’s discussions and insights are expected to drive ongoing efforts to advocate for policy changes and foster an inclusive future where Indian women thrive without constraints.