26 August 2023
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VONG is thrilled to announce its upcoming three-month campaign, taking place across the three communities. Under the umbrella of the community ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’, we will be delving into the theme of ‘Indian Entertainment Media and Stereotypes’.


Inaugural event of VONG's DEI Campaign ‘The Impact of Indian Entertainment on Gender & Racist Stereotypes’ features:









An engaging quiz on stereotypes to be held on a virtual hub platform.

Critical Analysis 



A week dedicated to writing a critical analysis of an Indian film or TV scene for perpetuated stereotypes through character portrayal, dialogue, or plotline

Open-Mic Forum



An open-mic forum to be hosted by Tanya Gupta for sharing insights on the impact of stereotypes in Indian entertainment.

Awareness and Strategy Submission 



An awareness and strategy submission webinar for proposing strategies to break stereotypes and promote diverse narratives in Bollywood


Indian entertainment’s influence on gender and racist stereotypes seems especially consequential due to its exhaustive global reach and overwhelming potential to reform collective societal behaviours. The portrayal of events and episodes by the media happen to play a central role in framing individualistic perspectives. From an unbiased observer’s lens, it is crucial for us to analyse the media-rendered narratives and their inherent potential to drive a constructive communal change.


  1. In-Depth Understanding: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the profound influence of Indian entertainment on gender and racist stereotypes, recognizing its far-reaching implications.                             
  2. Advocacy and Empowerment: They will leave with tools and insights to become advocates for more inclusive and diverse narratives in the entertainment industry.                                             
  3. Networking and Collaboration: The session will provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals working towards breaking stereotypes in media.                                                   
  4. Contributing to Change: Ultimately, the participants will gain the knowledge and motivation to actively contribute to a more equitable and inclusive representation of gender and race in Indian entertainment, fostering positive societal change.                

Are you ready to challenge deep-seated stereotypes, engage in discussions, and celebrate diversity in Indian entertainment and media? Our upcoming event is your exclusive pass to dive deep into critical discussions, connect with influential young scholars, and become an integral part of a movement that’s reshaping the narrative in Indian entertainment. Don’t let this one-of-a-kind chance slip through your fingers!


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DEI The impact of Indian entertainment on gender & racist stereotypes

  1. Activity 1 – Quiz on stereotypes (via Hub)
                          Sat 26th – Monday 28th Aug                      
  2. Activity 2 – Submission: Vsters have to pick one scene or song from any Indian film or TV show, and write a Critical Analysis (200-500 words) of how it perpetuates stereotypes via its character portrayal/ dialogue/ plotline.
                        Tuesday 29th Aug to Tues 5th Sep
  3. Forum – Open-mic (Host: Tanya Gupta)
                    Friday 8th Sep
  4. Awareness – Submission: Vsters to propose strategies for breaking stereotypes and promoting diverse narratives in Bollywood.