SDG Championship

Taking up the mantle of leadership to create a platform where we champion the SDGs as the new norm.

We at VONG believe that actions speak louder than words. This was echoed strongly by the highly motivated younger generation making their voice audible all the way to Dubai during The VONG SDG Championship

Conducted in partnership with the Arab Youth Foundation, the Expo2020 event in Dubai enabled thousands of students from hundreds of schools to share their hope for a sustainable future. Through their contribution of novel ideas that emerged from a deeper understanding of the social issues that developed in tandem with the Championship, the VONGsters demonstrated steely resolve over the course of the informative debates.

Consequently, solution statements were suggested for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the VONGsters reinforcing the message that to live unsustainably is no longer an option. Overall, it was an event that motivated VONGsters further along the path to becoming leaders in the sustainability space.