Deliberate the future of AI at one of the top podiums of country IIT Bombay

Compete with India's best, sharpen your skills, and showcase your voice on the revolutionary​


Why you must participate in IDL?

Deliberate the future of AI at one of the top podiums of the country at IIT Bombay


Medals and Inkind Awards to the winners across many categories

International benefits

Introduction to WSDC Debating Opens Doors for Schools and Students Internationally

Expert Training

Compact 3 days MasterClasses with Mock debates and Real-time feedback



Priyanka Patel

IDL provided me with a platform to compete at a national level, where I learned to think critically and articulate my ideas effectively under pressure. It was an invaluable experience that prepared me for future challenges.

Ananya Verma

IDL was a great experience that helped me improve my speaking skills and learn new things. The preparation and different topics expanded my knowledge. I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow.

Karthik Rao

IDL changed how I think and speak. The competition and feedback made me a better debater. This experience has been very important in my personal and academic life. It taught me to stay calm under pressure.

Neha Mehta

Competing in IDL was amazing. It taught me how to research, communicate clearly, and make strong arguments. The skills I gained have helped me a lot in school and in life. I feel more prepared for future challenges.

Rahul Khanna

Participating in IDL was a defining moment in my academic journey. The rigorous debates and constructive feedback from judges helped me refine my speaking abilities and broaden my perspectives.

Sneha Sharma

IDL was a pivotal experience for me. It not only enhanced my debating skills but also taught me the importance of structured argumentation and teamwork. I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow in public speaking

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